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  3. , "$30". We were like…"what?!" The kids already had them and had licked them, so we couldn't hand them back…$15 per snowcone…a scoop of ice with syrup on top! We had sucker written all over our foreheads. I think it ruined the whole circus for Ben…Mary Anne

  4. sto seguendo boca racing su sportitalia nonostante una partita di sofferenza della propria squadra il racing hauce e yacob stanno dimostrando ancora una volta di poter essere 2 elementi che se acquistati aumenterebbero e non di poco il tasso qualitativo e di imprevedibilità della squadra.ottimo anche chavez del boca

  5. You could have aethereal alien swordfighting space princesses with acres of visible cleavage. This would be my own aesthetic preference, which, needless to say, is high and holy and entirely uncontaminated by any low biological interest in visible cleavage.

  6. Love this post! Though you are correct – marketers can probably market brands much more effectively than the consumers themselves, it always comes down to social proof and testimonials. Marketers get the message out first, but often times testimonials are what seal the deal of whether i make a purchase or not.

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