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  1. It is good that Youtube supports HTML 5 it is not god that Youtube supports H.264. Make the right thing and add support for Theora. You guys know it would make many people happy and make the webb a better place for eveenoyr.

  2. it seems as though the fourth time was the charm. Eighty-seven of the 173 presbyteries needed to vote in favor of ending the ban in order for the change to pass. That number was met and then surpassed

  3. – this is probably because they largely don't have to live near the consequences of their voting actions. It's hard to see how minorities behaving badly affect you when there aren't any in your neighborhood, or any of your friends' neighborhoods.

  4. חנוכה, כמו שמישהי כתבה בתגובות לשל, הוא החג שבו החרדים מנצחים את החילונים. אני אוהב סופגניות (ובעיקר לביבות) as much as the next guy, אבל זה במידה רבה לא החג שלי.

  5. MAshallah this is an excellent website as i am newly married and had no idea how to cook somali food. THis website is my secret to keeping my husband pleased lol May Allah grant you both Jannah and make this a sadaqa jariyah for u both as it really helped meI really wanted to ask if you could teach us how to make cambula (beans with sugar..)and how to make ootkac (small cubes of hilib)jazakallahu khayr once again hope to hear from you

  6. How big is the Swiss military/navy? They seem to trade pretty well,have clean streets & a high standard of ethics and living–they have not participated in a war in 200 years & are the home of the Geneva laws and Red Cross… The early Zionists like that place so much they held a whole string of their earliest conventions there.

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