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  1. This is a festival of prolific cum shots, spraying everything in its path. The fecundity of black males may be an urban myth, but it looked all too real from my screen. Black cock is very appealing to me. Bring it on!

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  3. · Several summers ago I had almost an entire bottle of leftover wine that I wasn’t going to drink and I poured it over a whole cut-up chicken then stuck it in the fridge. After a turn on the grill it was the most delectable and delicious tasting meat I’ve had. I wrote a rather hilarious ode to ‘Drunken Chicken’ and laughed at the search hits that came to my blog afterwards. I can almost taste your version.

  4. Por fin los Pedernalenses hemos dejado de ser utilizados como condon para que extranos se satisfazgan a costa de lo que es nuestro, espero que de ahora en adelantea y cada vez que sea necesario, nos unamos monoliticamente, sin importar banderia politica para que podamos imponernos ante situaciones similares que se presenten.

  5. When my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother, she found out during the day while we were at school. Then my mom came to our school, visited each of us in class (I am one of eight kids) and gave us each a blue balloon. It was so exciting! It was all a huge surprise: I just looked up from my books, and there was my mom in the doorway with a bundle of blue balloons. Then I got to carry it around school with me and all my friends saw it and I got to share the excitement with them. It was so much fun

  6. Bloody hell, Vix. I don't know what goes on in the West Midlands, but in the north no-one ever seems to sell anything for 20p anymore. If I were you I'd spend whole afternoons rolling round in my pile of vintage dresses. And are the hotpants going to make it onto the 'rules' post? They look ace! xx

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