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  1. in his video, gay people enjoy a wide vartiey of sexuality, including top, bottom or versitile, I would have had no problem at all. But listen to what he said only top, bottom, or versitile (does not include the infinite vartiey of other sexuality see Silverman’s Joy of Gay Sex , as one resource, and one which has been updated. Saw Silverman in a lecture once, he liked to describe the basic positions as vanilla sex no shortage of vartiey with him.) I have no interest in bantering with or flaming anyone. I am from the generation of NYC gays that is considered the lost generation because of Aids largely wiped out because of lack of information that today’s gays have. Ever read Larry Kramer? But I am alive and fully healthy at a relatively young 54, and thank God for it though I lost my partner of 10 years and many friends to that disease. Health and sex do not have to be mutually exclusive. Enjoy your sex life, but use your brain, as well. Hopefully, this post ends the flaming there are some very sensitive souls on this board who do not listen very well. My best to Davey Wavey I continue to be a fan (especially for his 60 s-ish outlook on human kindness), and I wish him continued success. I look forward to many future videos.

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