College Dudes – Adam Busts A Nut

Adam Campbell showed up during the holidays to find a big surprise under the tree! Although Adam was not too excited about getting a dildo at first, he warmed up to it – quite a bit – as he experimented for the first time with a nice toy up his ass. Adam has a really tight ass, so it took a while for him to work it in, but after he did he was riding it like no tomorrow! Even though he said the feeling was a little strange, he must have loved it, because his cumshot was the biggest load we have witnessed to date! Enjoy Adam squirm and moan to a nice thick one! More…

College Dudes

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  1. Adam Campbell is what I’d call a beautiful boy-hunk. I can’t wait to see the full movie. I’ll have to make myself comfortable in my wanking chair and be ready to bate on edge for the length of the film.

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  7. They ought to make weekend blogging illegal because I just can’t keep up. I did just manage to catch up on your last 4 posts however and they all made me chuckle in their own little ways. So that should be another reason for you to be cheerful.

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  9. Wow, and here I thought *I* was the only Moleskine addict out there. My first was a grid pocket journal to track camera settings, then I graduated to the large ruled notebook. I keep two going at a time – one at work and one to log the details of my daily hikes (I haven’t missed a day since December 30, 1997). I doubt that either will be of any value in the future, but putting pen to paper is a much better way of logging things than typing…like this.

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