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  1. Milk Shenanigans Places/Cast of ChWatcrersaho knew we would have so much excitement here in Tulare County that I would post a cast of characters. Well, excitement is relative, and things move very slowly around here, so perhaps I just have too much time on…

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  6. b1454462, se ci fosse stato bisogno di dimostrare quanto sono pericolose le persone come te dici:Tanto, per quanto strepitiate, l'astrologia continuerà tranquillamente a prosperare.per te 2 considerazioni:1: Clara Paloma2: Se tutti la pensassero come te la durata media della vita sarebbe ancora di 40 anni, come un secolo fa. Per fortuna anche tua, le persone se ne sono SBATTUTE DELLE CAZZATE COME L'ASTROLOGIA e il mondo è migliorato.Poi com'è che continui a glissare sul giro di affari MILIARDARIO dell'astrologia? Forse perché anche tu ne ha una fetta?

  7. The Sunshine Act is such a fantastic idea, Congress should install the same thing for their sources of political contributions. What’s good for the goose is…Even if I remember to check your amount, I will not be changing cardiologists!

  8. that various medical doctors express that each medicines acquire responses besides demand should constantly be in comparison with possible motivate Delightful for you to zoo plankton might lure provoke marine meal in close proximity to the particular area you are fishing

  9. Yep, definitely an easy trap, especially when you aren’t making a lot of money starting out but still want to have fun with your friends or buy a new wardrobe for your first job…it’s easy to charge things and not think twice about it. I’m glad I’ve learned this lesson, even if it was the hard way!

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