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Gay College Boy Finds a Steady Bareback Fuck Buddy

Gay college boy Kye thinks its nice he’s found more than a quick fuck in Tony. The boys start out in a relaxing bubble bath. But gently rolling tongues in each other’s mouths and then cock sucking only makes them horny and they head for the bedroom. Kye’s straight into it and mounts himself on Tony’s cock and goes for a ride. In fact, Kye ends up bareback fucking Tony’s cock with his ass, not the other way round. But Tony becomes more aggressive when he flips Kye onto his back and gives him a good hammering with his raw cock, which he mentions is his first time at giving a gay fuck. Kye wants some of the action too so slowly gets his boyfriend’s manhole to loosen up with his bare dick. Once nice ‘n loose, Tony gets tossed around in a number of sexy positions, from lying across each other in an L fuck, to the scissors position to doggy. And good thing Kye’s not the jealous type as Tony turns himself into a ‘spit roast’ with the cameraman while getting fucked like a dog. The cameraman then has a turn at shoving his bare cock into Tony’s quivering ass. This scene’s so hot I could talk about it forever, but it does end with the boys shooting their loads out onto each other followed by a montage of the happy couple. More…

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