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Tony Falco Fucks Colin Stride


This week two of our favorite college studs, Tony Falco and Colin Stride, heat up the room in a sizzling fuck. After getting each others clothes off, Colin goes down on Tony as if he had been longing for cock for way too long – deep throating, licking, literally worshipping Tony and his nice piece of meat. Tony returns the favor before flipping Colin over, wetting up his man-hole, and fucking Colin relentlessly. When Tony gets onto the floor, Colin rides him like only Colin can, and shows us all why he is one of the hottest bottoms around. Guessing from the hot shower of jizz both of these guys produced, they were really into the sex – and into each other! Fine Summer Fucking! More…

College Dudes

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Jess from SeanCody

 Jess from SeanCody 10 Jess from SeanCody 11

Jess is pretty much an open book, and it seems as though he has absolutely no inhibitions (which is a really good thing)!
He moved cross-country with his girlfriend to southern California, just for the hell of it.
"I love an adventure," he said. "I’ll try anything once."
He even gave a few examples: staying in a hostel and watching his girlfriend get fucked by a traveling Marine, for one, and fucking his girlfriend on a New York subway! So yeah, he’s definitely not a wall flower…
"Yeah, I’d say I’m an exhibitionist,” he said, stating the obvious.
He’s especially outgoing (and his smile gets even bigger) when he’s naked. That’s probably because he has a very large cock! The thing is at least eight inches and has a giant vein running from his pubes down the top of his shaft almost to the head. He’s also got a lean, defined body, nice low hangers, hairy legs and big, sexy feet.
We were talking on the stairs and he was so anxious so get his dick out we just did it right there — and he shot a nice creamy load all over the top few stairs! more…

Jess from SeanCody 02 Jess from SeanCody 08 
Jess from SeanCody 03 
Jess from SeanCody 04 
Jess from SeanCody 05 
 Jess from SeanCody 06 Jess from SeanCody 07 
 Jess from SeanCody Jess from SeanCody a1 
Jess from SeanCody a2 Jess from SeanCody a4
Jess from SeanCody a5 Jess from SeanCody a6
Jess from SeanCody a7 Jess from SeanCody a8
Jess from SeanCody a9 Jess from SeanCody a10
Jess from SeanCody a11 Jess from SeanCody a12
Jess from SeanCody a13 Jess from SeanCody a15
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Jess from SeanCody a19 Jess from SeanCody a20
Jess from SeanCody a23 Jess from SeanCody a24
Jess from SeanCody a25


Real Guys from SeanCody 


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Broke Straight Boys Photos

Broke Straight Boys Photos 
Sean came back again for another shoot with me and this time he brought along one of his friends to do a shoot with. His friend was Aiden who was 19, and very broke due to a roommate skipping out leaving all the bills to be paid. His roommate stole most of his stuff and now he is trying to pay all the rent. more…
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos
Broke Straight Boys Photos 
Real Straight Guys Doing Anything For Money

Real Straight Guys Doing Anything For Money

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Mark from SeanCody

Mark from SeanCody 01 Mark from SeanCody 02 

Mark just turned 19 and he is from the DEEP south. I met him online…

"I spend a lot of time on the Internet," he said. "I live in a real small town and there ain’t much to do…"

He’d never left home before and after I had chatted with him online for a while he decided that he was up for the adventure!

When I finally met him the first thing I noticed was how soft-spoken he is. He’s very shy and has a hard time looking at you directly when he speaks. I think he might have just been overwhelmed by the new experience! More…
Mark from SeanCody 03 
Mark from SeanCody 04 
Mark from SeanCody 05 Mark from SeanCody 07 
Mark from SeanCody 06 
Mark from SeanCody a Mark from SeanCody b 
Mark from SeanCody c Mark from SeanCody e 
Mark from SeanCody f Mark from SeanCody g 
Mark from SeanCody h Mark from SeanCody j 
Mark from SeanCody k 

Amateur straight hunks

Amateur straight hunks

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