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Newport Breeds Lockheart

Newport Breeds Lockheart_1 
Ace Lockheart gets the raw treatment by latin Hotstud Tony Newport. Cock hungry Lockheart goes right for Tony’s hard-on and shoves it into his pretty-boy mouth. After a good long suck, Ace pulls down his shorts and gets his dick wet in Newport’s mouth. Ace has never been harder than when Tony enters his willing raw hole. Watch as ace wraps his sweet butt cheeks around Tony’s big hard cock and rides deep. Newport kicks up the speed and intensity of this barebacking session and creams deep inside our sweet newbie’s worked up hole. click
Newport Breeds Lockheart2 
Newport Breeds Lockheart_3 


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Arnaud Chagall and Bobby Long on Videoboys

After all of his scenes as a bottom, Bobby Long really wanted to try his skills at being a top. He has the big hard dick for it and he’s definitely horny all the time. And since he’s had so much experience as a bottom, he has a pretty good idea of what a bottom likes a top to do. Click
Both Bobby Long and Arnaud Chagall picked each other as potential duo partners based solely on pictures they saw of each other. And when they met in person they just clicked instantly. Arnaud, the shy quiet one, fit perfectly with Bobby’s outgoing friendly manner and after about ten minutes it seemed like they had known each other for years. But it wasn’t until the photo shoot that they actually started touching each other, and then the instant erections told us all what we needed to know. Click here
Bobby admitted that even outside of making videos he’s only ever been the top with girls and so this is something he really wanted to try and the minute he saw Arnaud’s smooth bubble but he was even more eager. Arnaud is just as happy as a top as he is a bottom and had no objections what so ever. In fact, once they got going it was completely out of control. Arnaud’s cumshot should give you an idea of what his opinion of Bobby’s topping skills is. Click


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College Dudes – Tony Falco fucks JB Downs

Tony Falco has quickly become one of the most requested dudes lately. We were really happy that he was available to pound the daylights out of JB Downs. Tony – who does not get any practice off set – is a quick learner! JB was extremely nervous before the scene, in part because it had been over a year since he had been fucked, and partially because Tony has a cock that is bigger than he thought he could take. More…

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College Dudes – Jarrod Price fucks Cole Gartner

Jarrod Price and Cole Gartner put on an amazing show in this smoking fuck vid! Jarrod and Cole make out, and as each of them get hornier they start grabbing for each others cocks. Soon enough, Cole is down on Jarrod slurping up his hard dick. Jarrod returns the favor with some awesome deep-throating. After getting Coles hole loosened up with some spitting and rimming, Jarrod lashes into Coles ass. These studs fuck doggie for a few minutes before Jarrod puts Cole on his side and starts really pounding him. Cole finishes up on his back, and ends up with a torso covered in hot juicy jizz. Great stuff! More…

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Jamie, Calvin & Oscar from SeanCody

Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (1) 
Wow – this film was quite an adventure! It had been a while since we’d seen Jamie, but when he returned it seemed as though he was literally STARVED for cock! I know that Jamie likes ’em big, and both Calvin and Oscar deliver in that department. All three of them are a lot of fun, and the sexual chemistry ignited right from the beginning. More…
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (2) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (3) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (4) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (5) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (6) 
Jamie couldn’t wait to get a big dick in his mouth, and neither could Calvin, as it turned out. The guys jumped right in and all bets were off… ass eating, two mouths on one dick, you name it! More… 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (7) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (8) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (9) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (10) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (11) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (12) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (13) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (14) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (15) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (16) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (17) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (18) 
The best part, though, came when Jamie decided he wanted a dick in his ass too. Jamie got fucked hard, and with cocks in both ends, he was really loving it. Calvin and Oscar took turns passing him around and they just fucked the shit out of him… 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (19) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (20) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (21) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (22) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (23) 
Of course, Calvin is versatile and he didn’t want to miss out on the fun too. So Jamie switched from bottom to top and he and Oscar stuffed Calvin’s ass with two cocks
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (24) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (25) 
Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (26) Jamie_Calvin_Oscar_from_SeanCody (27) 


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Hayden Colby and Terry Dawson on Videoboys

After his solo video a week ago, Terry Dawson was VERY eager to get back in front of our camera and he was very specific about his choice of partners. Terry is a bottom only so he was looking for a good top, with a nice, toned body and a good tan. That could only mean Hayden Colby.Hayden was particularly excited to "mentor" this rookie porn star. As an experienced porn actor and also a well seasoned top, Hayden was anxious to take this new boy under his wing and "show him the ropes," so to speak. Terry, who has only been with 5 other guys in his life is practically a virgin for Hayden.And so the result was exactly they way we like it. Two hot boys who just couldn’t wait to get at each other. Even when we had the camera off and had left the room these boys just couldn’t stop, kissing, feeling and sucking each other. When we wanted to get a different position or change the action we practically had to throw a bucket of cold water on them to get them to pull apart. Ultimately, Terry got the ass pounding of his lifetime and Hayden got his black belt in topping. More…
hayden-terry1010 hayden-terry1008 


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Sterling Fucks Blake

Blake and Sterling were really into each other – and it shows in this scene. After some serious making out, Sterling and Blake swap blow jobs. But the real fun begins when Sterling starts tongueing that hot ass of Blake! Blake takes Sterling up the ass like a champ in this sizzling vid! Enjoy! More…

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College Dudes – Cody And Vince

Cody and Vince were chillin and next thing we knew Vince was chomping on cock. But it only got hotter! After some serious cock-sucking and toe-sucking, Vince rode Cody like a cat in heat. Just when we thought Cody was gonna bust inside Vince, Vince turned the tables and thrust his huge thick cock in Codys tight ass! Not done with Cody yet, Vince flipped him over the balcony railing and fucked the hell out of him till he shot all the way down to the first floor! Hot Stuff! Wait – did we tell you about the 1/2 gallon facial?? More…



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