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Newport Breeds Lockheart

Newport Breeds Lockheart_1 
Ace Lockheart gets the raw treatment by latin Hotstud Tony Newport. Cock hungry Lockheart goes right for Tony’s hard-on and shoves it into his pretty-boy mouth. After a good long suck, Ace pulls down his shorts and gets his dick wet in Newport’s mouth. Ace has never been harder than when Tony enters his willing raw hole. Watch as ace wraps his sweet butt cheeks around Tony’s big hard cock and rides deep. Newport kicks up the speed and intensity of this barebacking session and creams deep inside our sweet newbie’s worked up hole. click
Newport Breeds Lockheart2 
Newport Breeds Lockheart_3 


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College Dudes – Criss

How much pleasure can a guy get out of having a wank? Well, if you are Criss, then you have a 10 incher – and that means you can get A Lot of pleasure. Criss has a great time jerking off, only in this vid Criss is jerking off while he is watching himself fuck one of his favorite chicks! This is almost too hot to handle. Criss sure proved to us guys at College Dudes that he is able to do almost anything to please himself and those around him. More…

College Dudes


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Very big asian guy stroke



Trey talks about how Philip is a champ and they had a great time during the photo shoot. Neither can wait to take it to the next level. As Trey says, “Game on!”
Philip eagerly kisses Trey. Their passion is intense. Trey bites Philip on the chin. These guys size each other up, and realize they both enjoy pushing each other’s limits!

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