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College Boy Physicals – Coach And Austin

The coach of my team told me that I had to go in to take a physical at the local school’s clinic. more…

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College boy physicals

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Broke Straight Boys – Shane And Nathan

There Shane was sitting on my couch ready to begin another shoot, and make some more money. I noticed as he was sitting there that he had a new shirt on, and I didn’t recognize the name. When I asked him about it he said that it was the name of a new company that he was starting up, and he got the idea a few weeks back. Talking to a friend, the guy had on a new hat, and Shane asked him how much he paid for it. The guy told him $25 for the hat, so Shane figured if people would spend that kind of money for a design that wasn’t very good. He could come up with something much better and really hit it off. I thought it was a great idea what he was doing with the money, and he was using the shoot money to help support his operation costs of his new business. I told him that I would even try to help him out with selling some shirts. More…

Broke Straight Boys!

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