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Sebastian – Broke Straight Boys

I had to go and get some videos and paperwork out of my storage unit. When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my keys at home. I had the building manager, Sebastion, meet me at my unit to let me in. He got to my unit and he was one hot looking guy. Sebastion was young, very muscular, smooth, tan, with a great smile. He had me getting a boner, and my door wasn’t even open yet. He unlocked the unit, and then I had him open the door for me. He bent down in front of me, putting his ass up in the air. It was very nice, and hard. I asked him if he wanted to do an interview for us and he said he could make some extra cash. Click here

Broke Straight Boys


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College Dudes – Criss

How much pleasure can a guy get out of having a wank? Well, if you are Criss, then you have a 10 incher – and that means you can get A Lot of pleasure. Criss has a great time jerking off, only in this vid Criss is jerking off while he is watching himself fuck one of his favorite chicks! This is almost too hot to handle. Criss sure proved to us guys at College Dudes that he is able to do almost anything to please himself and those around him. More…

College Dudes


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College Dudes – Elijah and Nikolas

Elijah is hungry and loves a nice thick cock, and you know that stick of Nikolas is really fine. In this tribute to our favorite straight-bait vids, we threw Elijah and Nikolas together not just to see Elijah work over a hot cock, but to see how Nik could stand up to getting sucked by a dude, get his ass rimmed for the first time, and fuck some dude-ass! Results are HOT. More…

College Dudes


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