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  1. Strange flavor…much cheaper than ciroq which is more than doudle…Vobka made with grapes has a more gin like taste than potato or wheat…

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  4. SOPA has NOT been postponed to 2012! The Committee members who support SOPA quietly changed the hearing date to the 21st, trying to trick the American people into thinking it was over for the year. This is dirty politics and should be illegal. Fight back. Let them know this is not over.

  5. The only funny thing about Chuck Out Your Chintz was the Frank Skinner spoof, Chuck Out Your Chimps.I was working at Y&R when the agency of the year call was made. My boss, Mike Cozens (2 D&AD golds), immediately wrote a letter to Campaign asking why the agency that produced Blackcurrant Tango wasn't agency of the year, while the agency that produced Chuck Out Your Chintz was. To their credit, Campaign did print it.Ah, 1996…happy times.

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