7 thoughts on “Car Wash Wanking”

  1. My guess is that this is a quiet car park. He has a great tool but the question is: Is that someone else’s car? If so when they come to collect their car they’ll find great wads of cum on the door and windows. Love to see their reaction!!!

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  3. The SCAR was designed around the military’s current M855(62gr) ammunition.Battle rifles are NOT designed to be sharp shooters. A soldier wants 1.5 to 2 MOA accuracy. Loose spec = reliability when dirty. Increasing a battle rifle’s accuracy decreases its reliability.I have AR that will shoot 1.2 MOA, but I would not want them in battle.You can not convert an AR15 or Mini, at any cost, to offer the benefits of this rifle, the primary of which is an in-line piston system, and no, AR pistons are not “in-line.”

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