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  3. wow dude relax, and second, the funny think about the clip is “now the 80′s” thing, you are just i little kid laughing anytime the Fake Audience is laughing at, i have a brother who does it too, not fake laugh just you feel like you have to laugh or else you are retard. well its the opposite

  4. Skal vi konkludere med at å bare referere til erfaring er oppskrytt, men at det kan være en nyttig til å ha, det kan ingen komme fra?:-pDen mannlige alko-horebukken, eller mer spissfindig, champagne-gigoloen, lever på gammel chanel no 5. og Gin Tonic. Han er på nivå med alle Gouranga!:-p

  5. Also ich habe noch keinen Bahnbediensteten gesehen der Zäune umgerissen oder sonstwie eine Sachbeschädigung am Eigentum der Baufirmen oder der DB AG begangen hat…. die subjektiven Rechtfertigungsgründe mal dahingestellt, aus Unrecht wird nicht Recht weil man sich der Verursacher im Recht glaub, selbst wenn man im Recht wäre…

  6. Somebody should start a longboard rental/outreach program in Fayetteville. I’ve been interested in getting into longboarding for a while, but i can’t bring myself to throw down $200 for a deck and hardware before I have a chance to find out if I like it or not…Actually, that’ll be my Christmas wish for Fayetteville…a longboard share/outreach program.

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