Cole Gartner Fucks Rob Ryder

Cole Gartner really makes a splash in his first fuck scene – and Rob Ryder is just the cock-hungry bottom Cole needed to bring out his inner beast. Cole gets a hot BJ from Rob, then flips Rob over and sucks him off while he is fingering Robs hole to prepare him for what is to come. Once Rob is loosened up, Cole goes crazy on Rob, choking him out, slapping him around, and having a great time just like he likes it. Cole really surprised us coming out of his shell like this, but this is the type of surprise we could really get used to! Hot Fuck! More…
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-004a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-009a 
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-010a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-013a 
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-014a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-019a 
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-026a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-032a 

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2 thoughts on “Cole Gartner Fucks Rob Ryder”

  1. Me encantó en especial el momento en que el activo le escupió el hocico del pasivo. Eso me puso bien arrecho

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