One thought on “College Dudes – Carter Nash Fucks Cristian Ray”

  1. I’m not bitter at all. My guy and I are very happy, and we find it inoirc when gay men like yourself speak of homophobia when most of the homophobia occurs in the gay community when you guys give each other AIDS. Fred Phelps is very aware of what you’re doing to each other and so is the rest of the world.You’re unsure of your hookups that’s why you’re getting tested. The AIDS fairy doesn’t just arrive at night and sprinkle HIV dust around to unsuspecting gays. It’s not like straight guys and girls are getting regular HIV tests. As for eye exams and dental, that’s something we do for ourselves. HIV is something that’s given and received by another gay guy; you don’t really get it. And let’s face it, as barebacking porn has risen dramatically so have the HIV rates in the gay community. We could have done away with that dreadful disease years ago but you guys think you’re not really gay unless you’re packin’ fudge. Oh, well.Btw, it’s kind of strange you’d tell your co-workers about this and they’d crack up. You must have them convinced you’re immune to HIV. Safe/safer sex are code words for what have I been doing? I better get tested.

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