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Arnaud Chagall and Bobby Long on Videoboys

After all of his scenes as a bottom, Bobby Long really wanted to try his skills at being a top. He has the big hard dick for it and he’s definitely horny all the time. And since he’s had so much experience as a bottom, he has a pretty good idea of what a bottom likes a top to do. Click
Both Bobby Long and Arnaud Chagall picked each other as potential duo partners based solely on pictures they saw of each other. And when they met in person they just clicked instantly. Arnaud, the shy quiet one, fit perfectly with Bobby’s outgoing friendly manner and after about ten minutes it seemed like they had known each other for years. But it wasn’t until the photo shoot that they actually started touching each other, and then the instant erections told us all what we needed to know. Click here
Bobby admitted that even outside of making videos he’s only ever been the top with girls and so this is something he really wanted to try and the minute he saw Arnaud’s smooth bubble but he was even more eager. Arnaud is just as happy as a top as he is a bottom and had no objections what so ever. In fact, once they got going it was completely out of control. Arnaud’s cumshot should give you an idea of what his opinion of Bobby’s topping skills is. Click


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Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy and Zach

On the futon today are Jimmy and Zach, who are here to do an anal scene, with Zach taking Jimmy’s dick. Jimmy and Zach are totally broke and are in need of some quick cash, hence, their interest in doing today’s scene. Both boys stood up and quickly stripped off naked, Jimmy admitting that he had never fucked another guy before even though Zach had taken a dick in a previous shoot. More…

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Broke Straight Boys – CJ and Brett

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, we are pleased to introduce, Brett while bringing back Cj. I met Brett when he was fishing in the bay. Brett had lost his job at Subway four months previously and was fairly strapped for cash so I offered him $300 to jerk off with another guy. Brett wasn’t too sure about it all but since he needed the money, he was willing to give it a go. Click here



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Sebastian – Broke Straight Boys

I had to go and get some videos and paperwork out of my storage unit. When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my keys at home. I had the building manager, Sebastion, meet me at my unit to let me in. He got to my unit and he was one hot looking guy. Sebastion was young, very muscular, smooth, tan, with a great smile. He had me getting a boner, and my door wasn’t even open yet. He unlocked the unit, and then I had him open the door for me. He bent down in front of me, putting his ass up in the air. It was very nice, and hard. I asked him if he wanted to do an interview for us and he said he could make some extra cash. Click here

Broke Straight Boys


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