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2 Boys 1 Lollipop

Mouths meet cocks and lollipop before Dylan gets Max’s cock up his ass. At the end of the scene, they lay back together to jack off and cum. more…

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Newport Breeds Lockheart

Newport Breeds Lockheart_1 
Ace Lockheart gets the raw treatment by latin Hotstud Tony Newport. Cock hungry Lockheart goes right for Tony’s hard-on and shoves it into his pretty-boy mouth. After a good long suck, Ace pulls down his shorts and gets his dick wet in Newport’s mouth. Ace has never been harder than when Tony enters his willing raw hole. Watch as ace wraps his sweet butt cheeks around Tony’s big hard cock and rides deep. Newport kicks up the speed and intensity of this barebacking session and creams deep inside our sweet newbie’s worked up hole. click
Newport Breeds Lockheart2 
Newport Breeds Lockheart_3 


helis studios

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Really cocky guys

Really_cocky_guys (1)  

Really_cocky_guys (7) 
Really_cocky_guys (3) Really_cocky_guys (6) 
Really_cocky_guys (4) Really_cocky_guys (5) 
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Really_cocky_guys (9) 
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Really_cocky_guys (19) M2081S-1029  
Really_cocky_guys (21)  
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Really_cocky_guys (25) Really_cocky_guys (26) 

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Hayden Colby and Terry Dawson on Videoboys

After his solo video a week ago, Terry Dawson was VERY eager to get back in front of our camera and he was very specific about his choice of partners. Terry is a bottom only so he was looking for a good top, with a nice, toned body and a good tan. That could only mean Hayden Colby.Hayden was particularly excited to "mentor" this rookie porn star. As an experienced porn actor and also a well seasoned top, Hayden was anxious to take this new boy under his wing and "show him the ropes," so to speak. Terry, who has only been with 5 other guys in his life is practically a virgin for Hayden.And so the result was exactly they way we like it. Two hot boys who just couldn’t wait to get at each other. Even when we had the camera off and had left the room these boys just couldn’t stop, kissing, feeling and sucking each other. When we wanted to get a different position or change the action we practically had to throw a bucket of cold water on them to get them to pull apart. Ultimately, Terry got the ass pounding of his lifetime and Hayden got his black belt in topping. More…
hayden-terry1010 hayden-terry1008 


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Hot Latin lovers

Hot_Latin_lovers (1) Hot_Latin_lovers (3) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (2) Hot_Latin_lovers (13) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (4) Hot_Latin_lovers (5) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (6) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (7) Hot_Latin_lovers (8) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (9) Hot_Latin_lovers (10) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (11) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (14) Hot_Latin_lovers (15) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (12) 
Hot_Latin_lovers (16) Hot_Latin_lovers (17)



Corbin Fisher

Here at CF, I love to make dreams cum – I mean, come – true. Turner was a fan of CF (and especially Dru) before he ever got here. So I knew it would be hot to pair them up and see what happens. And I know Turner was hoping he would get the chance to get fucked by one of his idols! More…

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Cole Gartner Fucks Rob Ryder

Cole Gartner really makes a splash in his first fuck scene – and Rob Ryder is just the cock-hungry bottom Cole needed to bring out his inner beast. Cole gets a hot BJ from Rob, then flips Rob over and sucks him off while he is fingering Robs hole to prepare him for what is to come. Once Rob is loosened up, Cole goes crazy on Rob, choking him out, slapping him around, and having a great time just like he likes it. Cole really surprised us coming out of his shell like this, but this is the type of surprise we could really get used to! Hot Fuck! More…
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-004a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-009a 
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-010a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-013a 
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-014a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-019a 
cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-026a cole-gartner-fucks-rob-ryder-032a 

College Dudes


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College Dudes – Gabe And Ryan

Gabe Krol was a little nervous about his first scene with another guy, so of course we thought Ryan Dyser would be perfect! Ryan loves to suck dick, and Gabe has a nice one. We asked right before the scene if we could spice things up with a dildo, but we had no idea it would be as hot as it turned out to be! This has to be one of the steamiest scenes we have filmed in a while! Ryan and Gabe go at it with gusto, and Gabe even finishes off by giving Ryan a huge facial! Ryan got so excited he came instantly after Gabes warm cum splattered all over his cheek! More…

College Dudes


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